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NW413KZ: Kazuri Necklace

Kazuri Necklace

Kazuri Necklace

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CHF 75.00

Description: Kazuri is the Swahili word for “small & beautiful”. The Kazuri beads are in Kenya hade-made produced of more than 33 years. Each Kazuri beads has to be hand-made shapely, carefully polished, painted and faired again.

For this necklace the Kazuri beads are in yellow and gray color. The depth color in the Kazuri beads is beautiful and this necklace is like a piece of art to wear around your neck. The Kazuri beads vary in size form. Each bead is separated by metal spacer beads.

The necklace will be sent from Switzerland and Liechtenstein per registered A-Mail without any additional costs.

Material: Kazuri beads. (Made Kenya)

Length: 50 cm (20 inch).

Closure: T-Toggle.